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64 Avenue X

Brooklyn, New York 11223

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360 36th Street

Brooklyn, New York 11232

Hospital Site

585 Schenectady Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York 11203

Work Sites

We have multiple vocational sites. Click below for a tour


High School Remote Learning Calendar

Our School is using NYCDOE's model 5A which has two in-person cohorts and one remote cohort. Group A or Group B receives a third day of in-person instruction every other week. Group A and Group B have in-person learning on two consistent days per week plus alternative Mondays. There is remote learning for non-in-person days. Group D is remote every day. It consists of students who opt out of in-person instruction.

Beginning January 4, 2021 all students at PB21, K-2 will attend classes on site Monday - Friday.

64 Avenue X

Brooklyn, New York 11223

Main office: 718-996-8199 


Monday-Friday 8:00-2:50

Principal: Barbara Tremblay

Assistant Principal: Tess Millares

Assistant Principal: Eric DeGuzman

Assistant Principal: Merrin Rosenberg

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