Students come from diverse backgrounds enhancing the social experience each has during their tenure at P721K. Students are also exposed to many extracurricular activities and after school opportunities to learn and socialize outside the classroom.

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The Student Council & Civics & Participatory Budgeting Committee

721K Students, Let Your Voices be Heard!

We are so excited to give you an update about our student council nominees! The following are the winners from the votes you cast! 

2021 Student Council

President : 

VW1 Rolanda McQueen 

Vice President: 

V83 Tiffany Huang


V83 Glover Lam


V11 Alexander Rosado 

V83 Tina Chen

V83 Yu Lin Feng 

V83 Shinny Chen 

V06 Ari Simeus 

Z03 Tadj Isaac

The 721K Student Council Pledge


We the Student Councilors of P721K, pledge to serve our school and the members of our school community faithfully and to the best of our abilities. We will uphold the values of the school: resilience, integrity, humility, respect, and love for all. We promise to work as a team, support one another, and allow all voices to be heard.

student council pledge using boardmaker symbols


From in house work classes focused on teaching life skills and job skills for the real world to immersive work sites, students are exposed to many opportunities to learn from experience. On the job training can even lead to full time employment after graduation. 

Student loading paper into copier
Dr. seuss birthday ESL Spanish

After School

From ESL activities to Title III sports programs, students have the opportunity to join many after school programs. Each program includes a light snack and seamless transportation home after the activities are over