Students come from diverse backgrounds enhancing the social experience each has during their tenure at P721K. Students are also exposed to many extracurricular activities and after school opportunities to learn and socialize outside the classroom.


We are so excited to give you an update about our student council nominees! The following lists are our nominees and the wonderful things that they wrote about why you should vote for them. Voting will take place in last 2 weeks of January. We will send you information about student council meetings, where to vote and how to do it virtually. We also encourage you to visit our flip grid page and post a video about why people should vote for you if you were nominated, and why you think the candidate that is running is somebody who you would vote for. We can’t wait to see your videos!

The Student Council & Civics & Participatory Budgeting Committee

721K Students, Let Your Voices be Heard!


From in house work classes focused on teaching life skills and job skills for the real world to immersive work sites, students are exposed to many opportunities to learn from experience. On the job training can even lead to full time employment after graduation. 

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After School

From ESL activities to Title III sports programs, students have the opportunity to join many after school programs. Each program includes a light snack and seamless transportation home after the activities are over

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Main office: 718-996-8199 

email: info@p721k.org

Monday-Friday 8:00-2:50

Principal: Barbara Tremblay

Assistant Principal: Tess Millares

Assistant Principal: Eric DeGuzman

Assistant Principal: Merrin Rosenberg

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