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If you would like to be involved in helping our school, please reach out to our parent coordinator, Vivian Soto

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Webinar Series for Families of Students with Disabilities

When students transitioned to remote learning last school year, the DOE launched a series of webinars for families of students with disabilities called the Beyond Access series. The series is continuing this year with webinars designed to support families of students with disabilities during this challenging time. The webinars are hosted by the DOE in partnership with experts in the field. Topics include executive cognitive functioning, literacy, social emotional learning, among other topics. Content experts will provide strategies and resources that families can use to support their children's learning and overall well-being at home. The webinars, which began on January 12, are being held every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. through the end of May. Families can review webinar topics and register for a webinar by visiting Eventbrite. The webinars are also listed on the DOE family-facing website and calendar. Past webinars are available on YouTube and can be viewed with English or translated captions.   



For questions about the beyond access series, email  

Parent University seeks to educate and empower families as partners, advocates, and lifelong educators in their student's education through free courses, resources, events, and activities.

Parent University serves all families, from early childhood through adulthood. Even if you are not a parent, we encourage you to become involved with Parent University.  With an expanding course list Parent University is ready to support you.

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