Summer School 2021

Dear Parent or Guardian,


You are receiving this because your child’s IEP recommends an Extended School Year (summer) classroom-based special education program and/or Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and/or Speech services. We are pleased to inform you that these programs and services will be available both in-person and remotely this summer. The program will run from Friday July 2nd, 2021 through Friday, August 13th, 2021 (the program will be closed on July 5th and July 20th due to holiday observance). Please click on the following link to complete a very brief survey to indicate whether you would like to preregister your child to participate in the program. It is important that you pre-register by April 23rd to support the planning process and ensure we have up to date contact information for site selection and scheduling purposes:


Please note the following important information:

• You will need your child’s 9-digit student ID number to complete the survey. You can find this number on your child’s IEP or by logging in to your NYC Schools Account and selecting “Student.” If you are unable to locate your child’s ID number, please contact your child’s school, Committee on Special Education, or Committee on Preschool Special Education.


• The survey applies to school-age students attending DOE and Charter schools; and preschool students receiving only related services and/or SEIT or enrolled in special classes in 3-K or Pre-K for All programs. If you are not sure which services your child should have for the summer, you can find this information on the “12-Month Programs and Services” section of their IEP.


• Summer programs and services will be offered primarily in-person at designated sites in each of the five boroughs. You may indicate on the survey if your child will attend only if all recommended program(s) and/or service(s) are offered remotely.


• The DOE will provide information about the site(s) where summer IEP programs and services will take place later in the spring. If your child will be receiving related services only, we will schedule your child for a specific appointment time at the site you select.


• If your child currently receives related services from a contract provider and will be enrolled in a 3-K or Pre-K for All program in the fall, we will typically seek to provide 10-month school year (September – June) services at that site, unless otherwise specified by the IEP. Your child will likely be assigned a new provider at that time. In the meantime, if your child’s IEP recommends Extended School Year services (6 weeks during July and August), you may contact the CSE to request that the DOE retain the therapist who worked with your child during the 2020 -2021 school year to continue this summer at a location consistent with the IEP. If you have questions or require assistance with the survey, please contact us at




The Special Education Office

For additional support, please contact Vivian Soto @ 347-563-4427 or email or via remind.   


To apply online and see this information in other languages go to the summer school page at the NYCDOE  (This link opens a new page):